What we rely on

Epidemium relies on different resources to achieve it's goal to fight cancer through Big Data analysis

A community

Data sets

Collaborative Tools

Data sets

"Big problems require big solutions, and for complex diseases such as cancer (...), the big solution is Big Data" Li et al. Translational Medicine 2008.

Core dataset

Cancer incidence and mortality tables, sources WHO. From 1953 to 2007 (incidence), 1950 to 2013 (mortality), for all types of cancers.

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Epidemiology data

Relevant demographic, economic, educational, health and social data from worldwide institutions : World Bank, FAO, ILO,... More than 10000 indicators across 200 countries, from the 1960s to today.

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Other data

Contribute to the whole dataset by proposing your own data, whether local or global, past or recent, medical or not.

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A community

The community that Epidemium created is what makes its true strength. It is a community that is active and keeps growing, built on a community of competent individuals, experts, partners and institutions, driven by their willingness to fight cancer and conscious of the skills and knowledge they can bring.

International community

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Skilled and diverse community