Epidemium @RECOMB 2018 in Paris

The meeting will focus on proteogenomics, single cell systems biology and cancer epidemiology, and how crowdsourced science, data sharing and a culture of collaboration can help advance research in these fields. We will highlight the solutions of the top performing strategies in the Epidemium program in cancer epidemiology and the recent NCI-CPTAC Proteogenomics DREAM Challenge. We will also brainstorm as a community on the possibility of organizing a DREAM challenge on Single Cell Systems Biology.

Best performers of Epidemium challenges 1 & 2 in season II will present their work and results.

(The program committees will evaluate the projects and select the best performers by the end of January 2018)



Keynotes, Open Science Initiatives and best performers in both Epidemium and DREAM Challenges will be presented

  • Olga Kokshagina
  • Yohann Sitruck
  • More to come soon...