Epidemium² | 2017 - 2018

Exploring New Paths to Cancer Research with Epidemium: a data challenge oriented and community-based open science program

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A network of interdisciplinary laboratories fostering collaborative, open source projects and open research programs to anyone

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A think and do tank dedicated to data-driven innovation in healthcare. Thinking open, collaborative and data

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Openness is at the core of the philosophy and methodology of Epidemium, an Open Science project based on Open Data. Openness is everywhere within Epidemium.


Transdisciplinarity is needed to tackle the complexity of Big Data and it shapes Epidemium’s committees, Call4Debate and Challenge4Cancer.


Collaboration is key to Epidemium’s success, as it marks the transition from individual to collective thinking, from limited to global approaches.


Independence was set as a requirement by Epidemium’s initiators and is guaranteed by the Independent Ethics Committee.

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Challenges 2017 - 2018

Challenge 1 & 2 [CLOSED]: From June 6 2017 to December 5 2017

Challenge 3[CLOSED]: From October 1 2017 to March 31 2018

Challenge 1


Constructing a Data-Visualization of the incidence of cancers by exposing the epidemiological factors associated with their dynamics.

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Challenge 2


Developing a predictive tool for the progression of cancer in time and space, depending on the known or supposed factors that determine its evolution.

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Challenge 3


Cancer mortality prediction: Predicting cancer mortality in developing countries

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How it works

Joining Epidemium means being part of a dynamic and varied community of people from all around the world, entering an ecosystem of experts and partners, but also having access to datasets and technical tools that we made available.



Independent Ethics Committee

Comprised of members of different backgrounds and expertise, this Committee helps Epidemium in dealing with all the ethical issues.

  • Gilles Babinet
  • Jérôme Béranger
  • Claude Chaumeil
  • Emmanuel Didier
  • Muriel Londres
  • Dr Cécile Monteil
  • Pr Bernard Nordlinger
  • Me David Simhon
  • Dr Jean-François Thébaut
  • Cédric Villani

Scientific committee

Comprised of members of different backgrounds and expertise, this Committee supports Epidemium and the projects' teams on the methodological matters and scientific relevance.

  • Aurélien Alvarez
  • Dr Emmanuel Barillot
  • Dr. Béchir Ben Hadj Yahia
  • Djalel Benbouzid
  • Pr Fabien Calvo
  • Nicolas de Cordes
  • Dr Charles Ferté
  • Hacène Lahreche
  • Dr Alain Livartowski
  • Dr Isabelle Perseil
  • Pr Philippe Ravaud
  • Elisa Salamanca
  • Jean-Philippe Vert

Epidemium's White Paper

This book, available online and on paper, was written by the Epidemium team and a pool of contributors, with a purpose of reflecting on the program's successes and failures.

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Experts & Hub leaders

Our strength & originality are based on getting people from various backgrounds and skills to share their knowledge to the community. Tell us about expertise !

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